Rates and availability will be confirm only to reservation guaranteed with a valid credit card, bank deposit or wire transfer.

A valid credit card is required at the time of the reservation. In order to confirm the reservation we’ll charge 1 night-rate. You’ll be able to pay the balance of your stay in cash, credit or debit card at check in.

You can either enter your credit card details in our secure server or you can also send them to us by fax (322 222 0366).

If you prefer to pay through Bank deposit or Wire Transfer we kindly ask you to send us copy of the deposit slip via fax or e-mail, otherwise, your reservation cannot be confirmed.

This property considers guests aged 10 and older at time of travel as adult, fees and additional charges will apply according to room occupation.

Prices and room availability are not guaranteed until deposits are received.

Your room will be guaranteed for late arrival.

No refunds on deposits or early departures are available.


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